Saving the Environment One Plastic Bottle at a Time

Isn’t it interesting how an item of garbage or trash can be used to create something of great value? This is what the teachers and students of the Environmental Club of Mona Preparatory School did in 2010.


United Church Produces Youth Ministry Manual

The completion of a youth manual for Youth Ministry Coordinators jointly sponsored by Council for World Mission (CWM) and Caribbean and Caribbean and North America Council for Mission (CANACOM) …

The smiles of the children in the orphanage seem to communicate peace and joy, showing nothing of the disruption to their lives following the earthquake in which they lost parents.

Caribbean Partners Walk With Haiti

Immediately after the January 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti which killed over 300,000 people, the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands (UCJCI) and many other Christian and civic organizations engaged in raising urgently needed support for the survivors.