Youth Forum on Human Trafficking

A Shock to my Consciousness

Date: Tuesday August 11, 2015 / Author of post:

Even though I have done my own research on human trafficking this forum has been a shock to my consciousness.”

This is how Jovaughn McConnell, one of the resource persons in the Council for World Mission(CWM) Caribbean/Caribbean and North America Council for Mission Youth Forum on Human Trafficking, described his feelings after a day of presentations and bible study on human trafficking. The event took place on July 31 in Georgetown, Guyana.  61 youngsters and leaders from the two CWM Caribbean member churches in Jamaica, Cayman and Guyana joined by youth from CANACOM member countries in the Caribbean heard how young people are recruited, abused and exploited by persons who earn money from trafficking persons.

Krystina Selvin, a Jamaican participant said, “As we learn about human trafficking we become more aware of things that are happening around us”. Kenalsha Hazel of Guyana described feeling goose bumps as she heard the stories about children who had been brutally robbed of their childhood.  As she watched a presentation by Guyana Women Miners’ Organization (GWMO), an organisation dedicated to the rescue of young women who have been trafficked, Kenalsha was appalled at a subject’s non-chalant description of the experience of a victim of human trafficking as if there was nothing unusual about it.  Some other participants noted that they were not aware this was taking place in Guyana.

Following the presentations by Keynote presenter, Rev. Kraig DeLeon Diedrick of CWM Caribbean member church United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands (UCJCI) and Urica Primus of the GWMO, the young people went into selected creative arts groups to develop items of dance, drama, choral speaking, music and visual arts which they will use to begin conversations with their friends, relatives and members of their congregations. Workshop facilitators helped the participants to develop their ideas which were then presented to the Youth Forum participants.

CWM Caribbean is comprised of two member churches – Guyana Congregational Union (GCU) and The United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands (UCJCI).


Participant raising a question after the presentation



Youth in drama expressing their feelings about what they have heard.