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For the Love of God’s Creation

Date: Thursday February 13, 2014 / Author of post:


That is the fundamental reasoning behind our environmental initiative ‘For the Love of God’s Creation’.  CWM Caribbean is championing a way of living that ensures that this earth will be left in a good state for those who come behind us.  We embrace the vision articulated by Jesus in John 10:10, “I have come in order that you might have life—life in all its fullness.(GNV)”.  A malnourished child in Malawi whose mother cannot feed him due to the droughts brought on by climate change spurred by increased carbon emissions is not experiencing abundant life.  Household members in Port Maria, St. Mary in Jamaica who are again sweeping water out of their homes because the drains on the streets are blocked causing the water from the rains to flood into their homes are not experiencing abundant life.

All of these experiences of hardship are due to poor environmental practices which ultimately deny human beings the fullness of life which Christ intended.

Environmental stewardship should not be an optional consideration for Christians.  It is one of the areas of responsibility to which we are all called as we demonstrate our love for the people created by God.  Let’s appreciate the connection between faith and care for the environment.  Proper disposal of garbage is an act of love for people.  Recycling plastic containers is an act of love for people.  Re-using sheets of printed paper is an act of love for people.

For the Love of God’s Creation is a systematic programme of building awareness of the importance of environmental stewardship to the practice of Christian faith and of encouraging responsive action through small and big changes to our lifestyle.   Download our worship resources, bible study material, resources for children and youth and tips for church, home and work.

Here are some ideas.


Reduce. Re-Use.  Recycle.

flowerReduce – reduced waste means less is sent to landfills like Riverton City in Kingston Jamaica, George Town in Cayman or Haags Bosch in Guyana.  Use less packaging.  Have you ever thought about choosing not to accept a plastic bag when purchasing items?  How about using the small ketchup packets which you receive with fast food for your regular household consumption instead of throwing them away?  Small steps…big difference.

Re-use – All those bags you receive at conferences and special meetings which then sit in your closet taking up space can be used for grocery.  That reduces the need for plastic bags which are not biodegradable.  Donate unwanted items to others who can make use of them – clothes, shoes, children’s toys, cutlery, packing boxes. Pass on the blessing.

Re-cylce – items which are biodegradable can be made into something new.  Plastic bottles, shredded paper, glass bottles.  Find the nearest recycling point to you and make it a regular habit to drop them off.  Be sure to clean these items before storing them so you do not attract rats, ants and roaches