Guyana Congregational Union Gives Youth A Helping Hand

Date: Tuesday February 25, 2014 / Author of post:


Sewing, farming, retailing, teaching business skills were among the features of GCU’s Micro-credit youth scheme. This programme commenced in November 2011 with one week intense training in entrepreneurship in partnership with the private sector. The main objective of the training was to equip the participants with the basic skills to run their own businesses. The tuition was free and a total of twenty one (21) persons were exposed to the training. Of that number, sixteen were slated for disbursements of a grant of forty thousand dollars ($40,000) and a loan of two hundred and ten dollars ($210,000) after submission and approval of a feasible proposal following the training.

Each of the sixteen prospective recipients then submitted a proposal. Each was carefully scrutinized and thirteen fitted the eligibility criteria. The disbursement was done in December, 2011 and the beneficiaries consented to a 12 months repayment plan from January to December, 2012.

GCU is currently evaluating the programme with a view to making plans to take it forward. The funding was supplied by Council for World Mission through its Regional Empowerment Fund.

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