Saving the Environment One Plastic Bottle at a Time

Date: Wednesday February 12, 2014 / Author of post:


Isn’t it interesting how an item of garbage or trash can be used to create something of great value? This is what the teachers and students of the Environmental Club of Mona Preparatory School did in 2010. They embarked on the business of environmental stewardship one plastic bottle at a time and in time they have created something that now benefits not only their school but the wider Mona community. What could this possibly be? It is a receptacle made out of plastic bottles with the sole purpose of collecting plastic bottles for recycling. This is creativity at its best. These individuals are without doubt resourceful and deliberate in ensuring that they play their part in the advancement of the human race.

The Idea

The idea was born out of genuine concern for the people affected by the burning of garbage at the Riverton City landfill. As citizens of Jamaica and planet earth we are encouraged to find suitable, responsible and environmentally friendly ways of disposing of our garbage.  This is the perspective that propelled the Mona Preparatory staff and students to contribute to a safer environment for everyone.


Every Jamaican should become a partner in this initiative. It is said that a little child shall lead them and it is therefore no surprise that Mona Preparatory paved the way for the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona in 2010. UWI forged a lasting partnership with Mona Preparatory which inspired the university to take the project to their campus. Plastic bottle receptacles can now be seen beside every garbage bin across the Mona campus of the university. The design and structure of these receptacles are different from the model at Mona Preparatory however it stays true to its purpose of collecting plastic bottles for recycling. Mona’s partnership is extended to the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands through the Hope United congregation.

The Launch

side-news-savingtheenvironmentThe Environmental Club had the official launch of the project in September 2011 at the Hope United Church. This fit perfectly into the congregation’s agenda as they had already been focused on environmental stewardship. The launch was arguably prophetic for the wider United Church as two years later it boasts the Synodical theme “Renewal and Transformation for L.I.F.E which stands for Liberty, Integrity, Faithfulness and Environmental Stewardship.  Rev. Dr. Margaret Fowler continues to work closely with the club through the school’s administration as they seek to be good stewards.

Students have made it their responsibility to lead by example in their homes and individual communities by involving family, friends and neighbours in the business of taking care of the environment. Their desire is to reach all of Jamaica with this initiative in the hope that our country may indeed be a better place in which to live. The children have led us thus far it is now up to us to hold their hands and seek to be better stewards so “that Jamaica may increase in beauty”. What will we do?