Mission Enabling

Training of Trainers and Leaders

Date: Wednesday February 26, 2014 / Author of post:


Following on Council for World Mission’s mission enabling workshop in April 2013, the CWM Caribbean region is employing a Training of Trainers approach to roll-out the strategy to equip congregations to conduct mission audits and develop strategic plans.  Recognising that capacity development can take place at different levels – individual, member church leadership, congregational leadership, members the proposal for the two member churches is:

Life cycle

UCJCI – Target Regional Mission Council leadership through a Training of Trainers approach utilising the existing structure to cascade training.  This would involve equipping persons in each region to deliver training to clusters/congregations using the UCJCI representative at the training in India as a primary resource to train the first cohort of regional trainers.

GCUTarget Member Church leadership through coaching and experience enlargement to develop leadership and change management skills.  This is the first step which will then progress to the targeting of congregational leadership.