Youth Forum on Human Trafficking

Youth given tools to take action against Human Trafficking

Date: Tuesday August 11, 2015 / Author of post:

It is often the case that after attending a workshop or hearing presentations, participants leave with little more than a vague memory of what was shared.  The young people who attended the Council for World Mission Caribbean/Caribbean and North American Council for Mission Youth Forum on Human Trafficking in Guyana July 29- August 2, 2015 were given tools to take action against human trafficking.

In addition to receiving flash drives on which presentations from the youth forum were to be placed, the young participants from Guyana, Cayman and Jamaica were coached in developing artforms which can be used as means of sharing information with their friends, family and members of their community. They participated in workshops in dance, drama, choral speaking, music and visual arts.  At the end of the workshop they presented items which they had developed under the able facilitation of coaches – Kevin ‘Nana Moses’ Calvert in drama, Ambalika Elliot-Belle and Waygon Sobers in visual arts; Joel John in music and Delon Grandison in public speaking.  These can now be used to increase awareness of human trafficking in various settings.

Two types of conversation starters were given to each of the 61 participants – a t-shirt with the message “Not for Sale…Christ has Paid the Price” and wristbands bearing the message “Slavery Still Exists…It’s Called Human Trafficking”.  They were then encouraged to use these items to stir interest in the topic and to begin to speak with persons who notice them.

CWM Caribbean is comprised of two member churches – Guyana Congregational Union (GCU) and The United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands (UCJCI).


Keynote presenter, Rev. Kraig DeLeon Diedrick, of The United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands



Music workshop led by Joel John (left) from Trinidad



Ambalika Elliot-Belle of Guyana Congregational Union provides tips at the Visual Arts workshop



Kelwin Gittens, Guyana Congregational Union,  receives his badge with the message “I Am a Champion for the Cause. End Human Trafficking”, wristbands and flash drive. Presentations were done by Mrs. Jennifer Martin, Education in Mission Secretary for Caribbean and North American Council for Mission (CANACOM)