EDUDRAMA – Where is Melissa?

where-is-melissa“Where is Melissa“? is a heart stopping musical drama about a young girl and an old village, written and directed by Kevin “Nana Moses” Calvert.

With enthusiasm  and spots of brilliance the cast brought to life an issue that is not given sufficient attention in Jamaican or Caribbean society; – human trafficking.   They pull us into the story of a village called ‘Buck Up’, where a strange tree impacts the lives of all the villagers.  The name of the village is an important symbol, as in the Jamaican language a “buck up” is an unexpected experience or encounter that can often bring about good or bad.  In “Buck Up”, the villagers, happen on a situation in their midst, that threatened the most vulnerable.  Melissa, the main character, is at the centre of the village’s loss and the dawning understanding of the insidiousness of human trafficking.

We are exposed to the pain of those who are trafficked and the pain of families who are left wondering…

The villagers pull together as they seek out Melissa and her whose mother never gives up hope.

The tentacles of the scourge of human trafficking turn out to be everywhere and the drama ends with an unexpected yet frightening revelation (no spoiler here).  You will never think of a missing child quite the same way again. There is a little bit of everything in “Where is Melissa”–some comedy, high drama, tragedy and unrequited love. It deals with a troubling matter in a fashion that makes it a must-see for all members of the family.

The originality comes from the hands of the producer “Nana Moses”, who inserts himself into the drama as the omniscient storyteller, consultant and director.

This drama will leave you wanting more while asking, “Where are all the Melissas we hear about and what can I do about finding them?”  


Once in a blue moon a talent emerges that is just awesome! – Creative practitioner, poet, storyteller, producer, writer, director, inspirational speaker, consultant, business man, Kevin “Nana MosesCalvert showcases a multifaceted and extraordinary career.

He is the CEO of Kairos Creations a record label, artiste management and theatrical production company.

His early mentorship in poetry and storytelling came from his mother and great grandmothers, leading to his debut into the arts in his late teens.

Kevin is a graduate of the University of the West Indies with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology; a minor in Cultural Studies and a Certificate in Ministerial Studies from the United Theological College of the West Indies.

Strongly committed to the United Church, his vision reflects his commitment:


“I am a theologian. I am an artiste. My mission is to make the gospel more culturally relevant, practical and interesting.”

“Nana Moses”’ musical productions often showcase drama intertwined with dance and sprinkled with a good story line to make it a conduit of artistic expressions anchored in the language, rhythm and feel of the Caribbean.

His repertoire further includes his albums, ‘Fire in the Ashes’, ‘The Love of Christmas’ and ‘Just for You’, all packed with witty, heartfelt and clearly defined lyrics interspersed with sweet melodies and driving rhythms.  “Nana Moses”’ deep spirituality is evident in his poetry, lyrical compositions and stories, which display his willingness to experiment with a variety of genres.

Kevin ‘Nana Moses’ Calvert, has made representations as a creative practitioner and human rights advocate in various countries such as the United States of America, England, Scotland, Switzerland, Cuba, Aruba, Curacao, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, US Virgin Islands, Bahamas and Thailand.