Devotions at the start of each day provided opportunities to focus on the One who has called us to engage in His mission. These were led by members of the wider ecumenical community and member churches. The Opening Worship was led by the Moderator of the UCJCI, Rt. Rev. Dr. Yvette Noble-Bloomfield. On the final day of the Assembly delegates worshipped in congregations of UCJCI in four locations. During these services a presentation was done focusing on storytelling and aimed at awareness-building and challenging local and national action. Space was also provided for delegates to engage in prayer and reflection.


Delegates were treated to social and cultural commentaries of Caribbean experiences. The art forms were vehicles for worship, entertainment and education through the Welcome and Closing events, worship and dramatic presentation.


Ecumenical partner Rev. Dr. Stephen Jennings of the Baptist Union was the leader of the bible study team accompanied by ministers of UCJCI and GCU. The Assembly went into groups to wrestle with scripture to allow the Word to speak to us in regard to this modern day scourge.


There were two main presentations on the first day. Dr. Leith Dunn, social scientist, presented on the global and regional challenges of Human Trafficking. Rev. Dr. Margaret Fowler presented on ‘Mission in the Context of Empire’ with reference to Human Trafficking. A Stakeholder Discussion brought together key players in the fight against human trafficking in Jamaica – the Jamaica Constabulary Force Organised Crime Division (OCID), Ministry of Justice, Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) and the Child Development Agency (CDA) to share the work being pursued by each of these agencies and to identify potential areas for partnership with churches.


Excerpts from DVDs on human trafficking, commercial sex workers and child sex abuse provided the impetus for discussion. Stories from Victims of Human Trafficking helped the delegates to see the people behind the statistics and to hear the stories of their encounters.

Enabling Missional Congregations

This session was aimed at encouraging dialogue around the distinguishing features of a missional congregation and what actions are helpful in enabling the development of these congregations towards the realization of life affirming communities.

Discerning Mission Opportunities

In light of the information which was shared and the experiences encountered in the previous sessions the Assembly was encouraged to discern ways in which the churches could fashion a missional response as they envision life-affirming communities.